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Four Optare electric buses enter service in London

Four British-built Optare MetroCity single deck electric buses are currently being trialed on route H98 in London, which operates between Hayes and Hounslow. Optare is part of the Hinduja Group, a British bus manufacturer based in Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire; the buses are part funded from the Department of Transport’s (DfT) Green Bus Fund. …
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GKN, Go-Ahead Group use F1 technology to improve fuel efficiency of London buses

GKN plc and The Go-Ahead Group have agreed a deal that will help reduce emissions in cities with the supply of electric flywheel systems to 500 buses over the next two years. The innovative GKN system is based on Formula One race technology developed in the UK. It will help increase the efficiency of every …
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London Taxi Drivers and Boris Johnson are First to Test Drive all-new Zero-emissions Metrocab

The all-new British-built and engineered Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab has been tested for the first time by London’s taxi drivers and Mayor Boris Johnson. Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) General Secretary Steve McNamara, and London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC) Chairman Grant Davis, visited Metrocab’s Surrey testing facility with their respective members to evaluate the …
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London Taxi drivers and Boris Johnson first to drive new zero-emission Metrocab

The new Metrocab is a new zero-emissions taxi created by Range Extended Electric and was recently test driven by London taxi drivers and Mayor Boris Johnson at its debut. Pinboard (MacAaron)

Nissan unveils the new face of the London Taxi – Torque News

Nissan’s new London Taxi is unveiled in Europe, designed by the company’s European design center in Paddington, with production launch planned for late this year and a zero-emissions version early next. Pinboard (MacAaron)

Remember that Masterpiece of British Engineering? It Broke Again


Back when it debuted in December, the new Routemaster bus, designed completely in the United Kingdom and touted as a “masterpiece of British engineering“, broke down on its maiden voyage because those Brit engineers forgot to put fuel in it. Now, just a couple of months after its debut, the bus is in the news …
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