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Study Confirms Hybrid Earthmovers’ Fuel Economy, Questions Emissions Savings

A University of California study (read it in full here) asserts that while hybrid and electrically driven earthmovers reduce fuel consumption 28 percent, with attendant greenhouse-gas reduction, they also produce more smog-forming oxides of nitrogen than their non-hybrid counterparts. The California Air Resources Board funded the two-year, $ 2-million study, and it was conducted by …
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Toyota confirms they’re pushing Hybrid vehicles instead of all-electric vehicles

Toyota’s Chairman, Takeshi Uchiyamada, all but confirmed my suspicion from a few weeks ago – Toyota is planning to stick with Hybrid technology and wait for the next generation of battery technology, or fuel cells, before making a big push in vehicle electrification.  Speaking last week at the Economic Club of Washington, he told the …
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Hyundai CEO Krafcik confirms electric vehicle for US – sort of

While Hyundai has long made their intention known to avoid following the industry trend of calling on electric vehicles, CEO John Krafcik recently posted a comment on Twitter confirming that the Korean automaker will eventually market a full electric vehicle here in the US – although we don’t know when or what that vehicle might …
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Polk confirms Prius as California’s best selling nameplate for 2012

R.L Polk released data late last week confirming the Toyota Prius family of vehicles as the most popular nameplate among California drivers in 2012, based on new car registrations. Pinboard (MacAaron)

Nissan confirms Nismo Leaf, with tweaked aerodynamics, for production in Japan

Nissan Nismo will reportedly make a limited production run of a tweaked Nissan Leaf in Japan, modified for aerodynamic and emotional performance improvements. Pinboard (MacAaron)

Parker confirms 43% reduction in fuel consumption and 99% uptime for refuse trucks using RunWise technology

Parker Hannifin has announced positive results after more than a year of service for its fleet of  pre-production vehicles operating in several communities in South Florida. These Autocar E3 refuse vehicles are equipped with Parker’s RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive System and on average have reduced fuel consumption by 43 percent when compared to conventional diesel …
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