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Aptera founder has new 3-wheeled EV – the TORQ Roadster

The TORQ Roadster is a speed machine on three wheels that will hit the market in limited production this year with full production coming in 2014. Pinboard (MacAaron)

New 3 wheeled electric sports car resurrects the Aptera dream

The TORQ Roadster designed by Epic EV is a three wheeled electric speed machine built for performance where the Aptera was built for fuel efficiency. Pinboard (MacAaron)

My Kiss of Death Still Works – More Doom for Fisker


I have bad Karma (ha) when it comes to choosing favorites.  Every electric car or EV I’ve chosen as a favorite turns out to be a pile of crap and soon goes out of business.  I first noticed this in July of 2010. At that point, I’d already doomed the Aptera to a dismal fate …
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Top Story of 2011

aptera tombstone

To send off 2011, I thought I would go back and look at the website’s logs for the past year and see what was the most popular story here in 2011.  By far, it was Aptera’s closing up shop and the whole lead-up to that. The top story by readership count was Aptera Vaguely Announces …
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Aptera Finally Gives Up


I have now been personally responsible for the death of a car company.  My journalistic powers of death and destruction have now been verified.  I promise to use them wisely and only for things like personal gain and other laudable goals.  Lucky for the automotive industry as a whole that I have no inclination towards …
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Aptera Vaguely Announces “2.0”

Aptera, whose struggles have become more than legendary in electric car circles, but have actually become a new cliche for “EV that never was”, has apparently hired a web design company to come in and tear up their website.  It’s now featuring some lame blocked design with each block set up to be linking to …
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