GM Roomba WTF Redux

General Motors has released another conceptual take on the ENV, calling it the ENV 2.0.

The first time we saw the EN-V was in 2010 when GM partnered with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC) and Segway (ya, the scooter people) to release this idea. At that time, I compared these to Roomba vacuums.

They had three concepts under one title, with names like Jiao, Miao, and Xiao.  The names mean, according to my research:

  • Jiao (the noise you make when someone steps on your toe),
  • Miao (“roast cat with string beans” – a delicacy in China),
  • Xiao (the sound Chinese government bureaucrats made when they found out Google stopped censoring search results in China).

About a year later, GM was back, this time putting a Chevrolet plate on the car, which I re-dubbed the WTF Pod Car.  Gone were the three individual titles, all lumped into one now.  The dash in the EN-V was still there, though.

Stepping up the timetable, it appears that GM is early with their next rendition of the little pod mobile.  This time, they’ve dropped the dash to make it the ENV and added a “2.0” to make it more, you know, 1999.

So this time, I’m re-dubbing my re-dub and calling this new version of GM’s pod car the Chevrolet Roomba WTF.

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