Kia Introduces New Electric – the Ray EV

Kia Motors has introduced the first production electric vehicle from a major manufacturer in Korea.  The Kia Ray EV is an electric city car with a range of up to 139km (86 miles) per charge and will be sold exclusively to the domestic Korean market.  It’s based on Kia’s 1.0L gasoline Ray CUV, which began sales in November.

The Ray EV has a 50kW motor and 300V, 16.4kWh lithium-ion battery pack engineered for a 10-year lifecycle.  The batteries reside under the rear seat in the floor.  Top speed is 81mph and recharging requires 6 hours on 220V household with a 25 minute fast-charge mode.

The car’s transmission is automatic with a two-mode operation: D for performance (Drive) and E for efficiency (Eco).  It also has a Brake mode for downhill on highways on mountains to maximize braking power using the motor’s resistance capabilities.

Kia, being part of the Hyundai-Kia automotive group, has stated that their electrification will focus on battery electric vehicles while Hyundai intends to focus on hybrids and fuel cell vehicles.

RayEV 600x417 Kia Introduces New Electric   the Ray EV

 Kia Introduces New Electric   the Ray EV

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