Ford Focus Electric approved for California HOV lane, $2,500 rebate

Two weeks ago, we brought you the news that the EPA certified the 2012 Ford Focus Electric as achieving an MPGe rating of a whopping 105 miles per gallon – making the Focus Electric one of most efficient vehicles sold in the US while also earning owners the right to drive alone in the California High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes and bringing new buyers in Cali an additional $ 2,500 in tax rebates.
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  • It’s almost funny that Ford makes a news release that it gets approved for the HOV lane. All green cars so far have been approved, and I don’t think California will deny any electric vehicles from the HOV lane anytime soon.

    Great to hear about the $2500 state tax incentives!

    • What you learn quickly in automotive (or any other reporting) is that companies tend to put out press releases on just about everything, no matter how trivial. As for the “tax incentives…” I’d rather just not pay the taxes. :) Where I live, there is no state income tax to get an “incentive” against. :)