Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

My Kiss of Death Still Works – More Doom for Fisker


I have bad Karma (ha) when it comes to choosing favorites.  Every electric car or EV I’ve chosen as a favorite turns out to be a pile of crap and soon goes out of business.  I first noticed this in July of 2010. At that point, I’d already doomed the Aptera to a dismal fate …
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Nissan answering questions about Nissan Leaf on Facebook

Nissan’s new series of videos, over the next three weeks, covers the basic questions about the Nissan Leaf coming from the little experience most have with electric cars. Pinboard (MacAaron:tnev)

NHTSA Issues Statement On Volt Fires, Ramps Up Investigation

from Gasoline-ElectricCars The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a statement regarding its investigation into a Chevrolet Volt fire that occurred in early November.  The fire was a result of a battery burnoff after a side impact test on a volt broke one of the battery pack’s coolant lines.  The NHTSA considered ruling that …
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