The XSeed Hybrid Concept Buggy Car

The XSeed is a concept mashup between a sport car and a dune or beach buggy with the added idea of a dual-fuel hybrid drive train.  The car can run on either gasoline or ethanol (or any mix of the two) while still retaining its electric drive components.

The styling of the car is unique as well, being part sports car and part buggy.  It’s open top design, wide, scooped body and large wheels speak of a dune buggy while its lower chassis and wide stance are all for sport handling.

The XSeed was designed by Marcos Beltrao as a fun, near-future transportation option which maximizes driving fun while minimizing environmental impact.  The 225 horsepower drive train would give the XSeed a super fast 4.5 second 0-60 time as well.

The engine and motors are also uniquely future ideas, with the engine block being made of ceramics (thus requiring no cooling – an idea engine designers have been toying with for decades) and the motor thrusters being made of carbon nanotubes to reduce weight.

The body would also be carbon-based fibers and plastic while the wheels are a magnesium alloy.

Everything about the XSeed is based on current technologies being developed and so everything on the concept car is a real possibility.  A very cool design and thoughtful amalgamation of several new-tech possibilities.

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