2013 Honda Accord To Have Plug-in Hybrid System With 2 Motors

Honda unveiled the 2013 edition of the venerable Accord line, which will appear in showrooms this fall.  The car will feature three new powertrains, one of which is a plug-in hybrid electric system.

The PHEV option will have a 2.4L direct-injected engine alongside two electric motors. This concept allows the car’s propulsion system to move continuously through three modes: all-electric, gasoline-electric, and direct-drive (no electric).  This allows the Accord PHEV to maximize fuel economy and efficiency.

The 2013 Accord will include a 6kWh lithium-ion battery, electric motors totalying 120kW of power giving it a range of 10-15 miles all-electric.  In gasoline-electric mode, the car runs in parallel hybrid mode with both the engine and motors propelling it.  Finally, the motors themselves can be shut off, moving the car in engine-only mode via front wheel drive for high-speed (highway) driving.

The motors also act as regenerative brakes, of course.  Honda has not yet speculated on what this Accord PHEV will achieve in EPA mileage ratings.

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