Neil Young’s LincVolt to Make Rock Star Comeback

One of my favorite vehicles to follow for the past couple of years has been the LincVolt – Neil Young’s special project to take one of the world’s heaviest production cars (a 1958 Lincoln Continental) and turn it into a green cruiser running on biodiesel and electric motors.  It’s cool, it’s beautiful, and it friggin works.

Well, it did.  Until the warehouse burnt up with the car in it.

Apparently the crew had been testing a new charging unit for the car, plugged it in, and whoever was supposed to be watching it (their normal procedure) didn’t.  A fire ensued, burning up the charging unit and the whole back end of the car.

Shortly afterward, Neil Young turned 65.  After signing him up for Medicare, his wife Pegi gave him a present: a 1958 model parts car to help him rebuild the LincVolt.

(I hope when I turn 65, my wife gives me something that cool.. the car, not Medicade)

The LincVolt has been returned to its birthplace and the parts and plans are rolling in.  The rebuild means opportunity for the team to try some new things and technologies.  After testing some key components, they found that much of what was under the hood survived the fire intact, so most of the work will be body restoration and some electronics.  The motor and engine got through OK.

Here’s to the LincVolt and its team. It’ll be great to see the car restored and back on the road.  Who’d imagine a 1958 Lincoln Continental getting better than 100mpg, even at highway speeds?  Definitely one of the coolest revivals of all time.  Can’t wait for the comeback sequel!

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