Daily Archives: April 7, 2010

ElectroCat and Eva Planning Pikes Peak Run

I’ve found out that Eva Hakansson, of KillaCycle fame, will be riding her personal electric motorcycle up Pike’s Peak this June.  She’s made several upgrades to the ElectroCat resulting in a new top speed of 100mph and a little better battery life. A few days ago, I mentioned the Pike’s Peak rally run and what …
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EPA Institutes Cap-and-Trade for the Auto Industry

The buzz so far this week has been about the new EPA (Ever Pretending Aristocrats)  and NHTSA  (The Roadblockers) standards, which were signed into being Monday.  The new rules set emissions standards for both vehicle engine emissions and for the emissions of a manufacturer’s entire fleet (called the CAFE standard).  The new rules also set …
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